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introduction of sorts

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Oct. 25th, 2006 | 10:15 pm
music: conflict
posted by: sky_bluepink in anarkospiritual

i joined this community when it started, but i havent posted anything yet, so here you go.

my name is katrina, if i had to pick a "strain" of anarchism (what a strange idea) i would have to say that i am an anarchoprimitivist. i don't identify with any specific religion, however buddhism intrigues me and there is a vedanta society a few blocks from my house that i am planning on visiting sometime soon. (for those not familiar with vedanta, it isn't a specific religion, but rather a community of people coming together to pray/chant/sing or share their ideas, all with the uniting belief that there is a spirit, but people worship it/them in different ways, all of which are acceptable and must be tolerated and respected) i feel like i can connect with that more than other religions, because the one thing that turns me away from religion is the exclusiveness and "our way is the only way" attitude maintained by many followers. and as another word on anarchism, it is my ideal, however i don't know how we are going to achieve it or maintain it. i would like to say that i believe that anarchosyndicalism is a good way to go about destroying our capitalist state, because working class rebellions have occured and overthrown successfully before, but i don't know where we would go after we've thrown bricks through all the windows and trampled and killed people by rioting...i would love to see within my life time flowers growing through empty highways and trees growing in abandoned office buildings...and i suppose i'm still asking all the big questions about human nature and the future.

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from: super_weasel
date: Oct. 30th, 2006 01:38 am (UTC)

Glad you're here. :)

I think it's interesting that so many of us are expressing misgivings about the idea of a classic anarchist "overthrow" of the government...

Vedanta sounds a bit like liberal Quakerism :)

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Matt Peters

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from: ichzitterenicht
date: Oct. 30th, 2006 04:54 pm (UTC)

It does at that.

Not only do I find it interesting, I find it heartening. It shows, in my mind at least, that Anarchism is growing as a movement; questioning its own roots. This is very exciting to me.

Proudhon says this, Kropotkin says that... what can we say?

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