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Nov. 10th, 2006 | 03:35 pm
posted by: xfotisx in anarkospiritual

Hi everyone, great community! I personally don't have a 'curriculum vitae' in anarchism or anything like that... I understand anarcho-spirituality as the state when one forgets about names, culture, color, race, ideals..Then what's left is something that doesn't know about 'good' or 'bad', Proudhon, Bakunin or Tolstoy and his 'christian anarchism'.

If I had to place myself somewhere, I'd say it's more of a green anarchism, social ecology stand. I think there is a lot of un-learning to do before we can qualify ourselves as spiritual beings.Thanks for reading and looking forward to some interesting conversations. Keep the community active!

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from: algizshield
date: Nov. 16th, 2006 11:04 am (UTC)

I think I have a better understanding of what you're describing now. Maybe. You must realize that in attempting to describe this condition you are trying to reach, you are relying on some of the things you also see fit to discard? A necessity, possibly, of communicating via the internet. But, possibily a representative of something else... Again, look at your language! "Pure", "truth"!

A part of me is suspicious of whether or not you have tapped into the condition you have described. If you have seen with clear eyes, than how is it you do not see what social organization and idea can BE? Do you believe that constructs of myth, of language, of craft, are nothing more than hindrances? Or is it just that you believe these things to be all equally compatible all the time?

For me, attempting to come closer to truth (difficult word!), has always been a process of elimination (which I casually refer to as nihilism), like the one you describe, but also of construction. Such is the nature of my "culture". "Nihilism" + Idealism.

In observing things with clarity, one sees organization. One sees nature. Do you not build from the organization you have seen?

There are a lot of things in my post you didn't really address, and what I'm really left with is the sense that you have explored little and simplified much. Nonetheless, thank you for your responses.

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