anarchist spirituality

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This community is for people who believe we need both a political revolution and
a revolution of the human heart.

You might be seeking greater awareness and self-discipline as an activist. Or you
might be seeking greater psychological health and groundedness in general.

You might be turned off by the angry rhetoric found in many radical circles.

You might want a place where you can both talk about Zerzan without being
called an extremist and about Gandhi without being called a hippie.

  • Belief in God, the supernatural, etc. is optional
  • We welcome members of the religious anarchist community, but not the heterosexism, transphobia and patriarchy still present in some religious anarchist circles
  • The mods are super_weasel and ichzitterenicht. For anyone who wants to know, we're both Quakers, both non-Christian, one atheist and one not, though super_weasel likes Jesus enough that he calls himself "Yeshuan" sometimes
  • Livejournal said "anarchospiritual" was too many characters

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